Product Innovator
Strategist Product Advisor

I clearly have a thing for Product.


C - Collaborative: Fostering a highly collaborative environment is key to unlocking the potential of any person, and I believe in building teams with diverse perspectives and empowering them to create innovative solutions together..

O - Open-minded: I believe in being open to new ideas and perspectives, as well as encouraging a culture of learning and transparent feedback. Being open-minded allows for more creative and effective problem-solving.

L - Listening: Listening is key to building strong relationships with team members, customers, and stakeholders. By actually listening to what others have to say, I'm able to build highly trusting relationships.

D - Decisive: When it comes to making tough decisions, I'm like a superhero with lightning-fast reflexes. Actually, no. I don’t think that’s a good way to make decisions. Instead, I believe in inclusive decision-making that align with the company's vision and values.

I - Inspirational: I'm like a walking motivational poster, always pulling out a perspective that aims to foster a culture of inclusion and transparency - because that’s what I’m all about.

N - Nurturing: Nurturing teams involves empowering individuals to achieve their full potential and supporting them through challenges. I prioritize fostering a culture of trust and transparency to build strong, cohesive teams.

G - Genuine: You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you just know they're the real deal? I hope that’s what you’ll experience when you meet me. I am incapable of lying and always bring my true authentic self to work. I believe that by showing vulnerability, we progress as humans - and as businesses.

Oh and if you haven't noticed I am totally into word plays ⬆️


Christian was one of the main reasons why I joined Worksome. Ever since our first meeting, I was convinced that a company with someone like Christian would take it very far. He's a very dedicated, visionary, thoughtful and caring person. Although he was not my direct manager, the amount of support and access I had was very valuable to me as he genuinely loves to interact and share ideas with anyone.

Coming to work with Christian was very different from the companies I've worked at in the past in a most positive way. The approach he takes toward building a truly great product is something I'll be carrying with me for the rest of my career. He's a true visionary, and I've never seen anyone so committed to their work and how they love what they do.

As a TA Manager, stakeholder relationships are an important part of the job to get right. But, they're made so much easier when working with a stakeholder like Christian. He has been a genuinely inspiring leader to hire for who ensured the entire hiring process was enthusiastic, educational, supportive and most importantly.... human. He provided genuine and constructive feedback to all candidates, gave so much time for interviewing, and supported me in every way I needed. Hiring for him, and working closely with him, is a pleasure.

Christian is simply one of the best leaders I have ever met and I am so honored for the chance to learn from him. I felt inspired every day by his drive to challenge the status quo and to challenge each and every person on the team. As a visionary he is able to see the biggest picture and then tell a story in a way that rallies so many people, only to top it up with his kind and curious nature to get the best out of every person he then talks to. His follow-up with a concise and clear strategy is impeccable.

Christian is not only an excellent manager, he is also a fabulous human being. And this shines through in everything he does. He is not ready to just accept the status quo. He is ready to innovate, to challenge, to get the best out of people and to improve, one step at a time.

Christian is also a man of principles. I have never met a manager with such strong integrity, who lives and breathes core values and encourages everyone around him to do the same.

Christian was able to give me the absolute right amount of support & care, while also power & autonomy on the other side.  And not only that, I felt that I mattered, no matter how big or small the decision. There is only a few managers who were able to have that big of an impact in my career.